People with Disabilities

Finding Qualified Employees

The state of Utah is committed to recruiting, hiring, and retaining people with disabilities. In 2007, Governor Huntsman issued an executive order to make the Utah State Government a model employer for people with disabilities, and in 2010 the state legislature created the Alternative State Application Program to help with the recruitment and hiring process.

Utah continues to strive to be a model employer, and offers two programs to help those with disabilities enter the state workforce. Workforce diversity enhances our communities and helps build a better state for all Utahns.

Alternative State Application Program (ASAP)

ASAP is designed to hire qualified persons with disabilities through an on-the-job examination period. If a qualified applicant is hired, they will be placed in an at-will six-month on-the-job trial period. At the end of the six months, if the applicant is successfully performing the job duties, their employment will be converted to a schedule B career service position and they will begin the normal probationary period for the position they have been hired into (traditionally 12 months).

Which jobs are eligible for ASAP?

  • State of Utah government, not federal
  • Schedule Code B (career service), see job posting for schedule code
  • Executive Branch Agency job postings
  • This does NOT include Courts, Legislative Offices, the State Auditor's Office, or the Attorney General’s Office

Steps to Apply

  • Apply for jobs on
  • Provides disability documentation to ASAP coordinator by email at (do not attach to job applications). Also include the recruitment number and title of the job you are requesting ASAP consideration for
  • The coordinator and recruiter will review the application
  • If the hiring manager decides to use ASAP, they will interview the candidate separately and non-competitively from the rest of the candidates
  • The hiring manager can also use ASAP to bump the candidate to the interview list
Sign Language

What documentation is required?

  • SSDI or SSI documentation
  • Veterans Administration Certification
  • Letter from Licensed Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Letter from physician, on physician’s letterhead and signed by physician
  • Schedule A letter

All documentation that determines the nature and extent of a disability are kept secure and confidential. To help speed the process, consider submitting documentation to the ASAP coordinator before applying. Email the ASAP coordinator at  Any documents provided will only be kept on file for three years and then destroyed subject to retention schedules. It is only necessary to submit certification once every three years, not with each job application.  

Work Ability Internship (WAI)

Instituted in 2019, WAI is another recruitment tool to help agencies hire people with disabilities. These positions are temporary, paid internships and are only open to candidates with disabilities. These positions provide work experience, education, mentoring, and an opportunity to develop or hone skills and qualifications. Unlike traditional internships, these positions are time limited (TL) which allows for full time and benefits.

The documentation and hiring process are the same as the ASAP program above.