Housing and Transportation

Life in Utah

a couple of houses with a pond in front of them in the daybreak community

Finding you Community

Utah’s beauty and diverse outdoors has led to an increase in population. At current rates, it is projected that the population will top 4 million by 2032 and 5.5 million by 2060. With the increase, housing has become a vital commodity. New apartment and housing developments continue to pop up across the state providing a variety of options in various price ranges.

Transportation also plays an import role in life in Utah.  Coming in just under 85,000 sq miles, Utah is greater than the whole of Great Britain, making a car the best bet when traveling any distance. But once on the Wasatch Front corridor, UTA  offers a great network of light rail, commuter trains, and public buses. Other areas of the state have also introduced bus service to assist getting around.  The light rail also connects the Salt Lake International Airport to the city, allowing visitors easy access to downtown while buses offer connecting service to all areas of the valley and to Utah’s ski areas.

Salt Lake, Provo and Ogden are also bike friendly cities, allowing residents an alternative to other transportation. And if you would rather leave the driving to someone else, ridesharing companies offer an affordable and popular option.