Life in Utah

Opportunities for the Next Generation

Educational opportunities can be an important factor when deciding on where to live and work. Utah’s public schools play an important part in educating the youth in the state. Elementary and Secondary schools offer traditional, magnet, or language immersion programs. In addition to the state’s public schools, there are a number of private and charter schools available.

Utah has 9 public colleges and universities, 8 technical colleges, 4 private universities and colleges, and 9 career colleges and universities. These offer experiences from full research university settings to specialty and trade college programs to fit the needs of every student.

For more information about Utah schools, visit or for additional information about higher education options.

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Utah's Schools Ranked

A recent Wallethub study released in 2022 showcased the best and worst school systems in the United States. Utah placed at #13 overall. Using factors such as dropout rate, safety, class size, and test scores, Utah ranked 12th in quality while 16th in school safety. Utah was also ranked second in average SAT scores.

US News and World Report ranks Utah at #10 when combining higher education with K-12 schools. Utah’s higher education is ranked at #6 in the nation. These ranking take into account the number of students completing a public four-year and two-year program, average tuition and fees for in-state students, the number of children enrolled in preschool, national testing, and the high school graduation rates.

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