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CLIP Supervisory Feedback Assessment

ULI-large2forlinkedin.fwFeedback is critical for leadership development and professional growth. This is why the Utah Leadership Institute has developed a tool to gather feedback for supervisors from direct-reporting personnel.  We call this tool the CLIP assessment because it assesses performance in four areas: Communication; leadership; interpersonal relations; and performance management.

How the CLIP Assessment is Administered

The CLIP assessment process consists of two stages:

  1. First, feedback is gathered from the supervisor’s direct reports using the CLIP assessment tool.
  2. Second, a one-on-one coaching session is arranged during which the results of the assessment are shared with the supervisor and the supervisor is encouraged to develop goals for improvement.

Rick Murdock, DHRM’s Leadership Development Consultant, manages this process and coaches the supervisor. Rick will generally arrange a future time to follow up with the supervisor to see how they are doing relative to their goals.

Taking Advantage of the CLIP Assessment

The CLIP assessment program is offered without charge.

It can be arranged for a group of supervisors within a work unit, or for individual supervisors who are seeking feedback to improve their performance.

Individual results for the CLIP assessment are only shared with the subject of the assessment. When the CLIP is administered for a group, agency leadership can request a briefing on the overall results for supervisors within the work unit.

If you would like to explore the possibility of using this tool, please contact your assigned agency HR manager. Alternatively, you can contact Rick Murdock at

If you would like to have the CLIP assessment administered for you, please click on this link and provide your name and the names and email addresses for your direct reports; this will allow us to initiate the process.  Generally speaking, at least three direct reports are required to participate.

CLIP Assessment Details

The CLIP assessment instrument consists of 60 items with two behaviors each . For each item, the respondent is asked to identify which of the two behaviors is the supervisor most likely to exhibit. From the completed assessments, a profile is created showing the behaviors the supervisor was most often cited as being “most like.” During the coaching session, the supervisor considers the behaviors they were more frequently cited as “most like,” and the behaviors they were less frequently cited as “most like”; and based on this information the supervisor sets goals for improvement in one or more of the areas.

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