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Valerie Bunk-Warr with Environmental Quality – Leadership

Valerie Bunk-WarrRecipient of a 2014 Governor’s Award for Excellence

Valerie is a Financial Manager in the DEQ’s Office of Support Services. DEQ uses a system (DP-1) for start to finish electronic approvals and processing of purchasing and payables. The first system was developed in the 1990’s and as time and technology progressed, it became obsolete. Valerie headed a group charged with designing a new system. The process was painstaking at times. As the group moved forward and people saw the possibility of change, pent-up frustrations evoked countless questions and suggestions-and, at times, resistance. Valerie was patient and resolute. She encouraged her team to continue forward when things stalled. Not only has this new system taken DEQ to a paperless process, it has provided a tool that ensures compliance to State Purchasing requirements, increased efficiency and time effectiveness of the entire purchasing and payables process.

Valerie has also developed checklists on DEQ’s InnerWeb to guide employees through financial processes. When employees use these tools, processing times are reduced and more complete documents have been prepared.

Valerie patiently mentors and trains her staff. She lays out her expectations and then steps back to allow people to succeed. One result of this approach is that DEQ’s payable section has not had a post audit error for the past 8 years, and only 1 in the past 10.

In submitting this nomination, her staff said of her: “She is an example to all who work with her. She inspires and encourages everyone that she works with to strive for excellence.”


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