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The Appeals Division with Utah Dept of Workforce Services – Innovation and Efficiency

DWS Appeals DivRecipient of a 2014 Governor’s Award for Excellence

The Utah Department of Workforce Services Appeals Divison is regarded as the best appeals division in the nation. In 2013, for a record sixth year in a row, the division was recognized as the top medium-size state appeals division in the country. (#1 out of 25 medium sized states).

The division excels over other states by producing high quality decisions at a fast rate while providing excellent customer service. For example, the Department of Labor expects all unemployment insurance appeals divisions to, at a minimum, issue a decision for 60% of appeal requests within 30 days. In 2013, the average of all unemployment insurance appeal units in the nation was 62.2%. The divison’s average for 2013 was 99.75%.

The division achieved this ranking by developing and implementing processes that revolutionized the appeals process. As a result of its efforts, the division produces measurable improvements and efficiencies that are not realized in other states. In addition, the division maintained this ranking throughout the greatest recession, which recession caused a huge increase in appeal caseload. Indeed, the amount of appeals increased from an average of 726 appeal per month to 1,513 appeals per month during the recession.

The increased speed with which decisions are issued and the high quality of those decisions ultimately benefits the tax payer and Utah employers. The Division has consistently managed a workable, cost-effective program that enhances Utah’s economy.


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