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Vehicle and Dealer Registration System with Tax – Innovation and Efficiency

Tax VADRS TeamRecipient of the 2014 Governor’s Award for Excellence

The Tax Commission, partnering with the Dept. of Technology Services, is no stranger to the development of new systems, and this includes the recent ambitious goal of a new motor vehicle system and motor vehicle enforcement system.

When the DMV and MVED began this project, everyone believed it would be an amazing feat if they could accomplish it in the 15 months designated. With a tight schedule and complicated issues at hand to build this groundbreaking system, many had skepticism it could be done.

The new system was named VADRS. ┬áThe project went live on October 15, 2013, on time and on budget, and has become a model to many other states for efficiency, organization and success. Annually, these processes include: 2.5 million titles and registrations; 2,700 dealership and body shop licenses; and 12,000 sales person licenses. Through the MVP website customers can: manage vehicles and MVED business licenses; make DMV payments; order personalized plates; renew disabled placards; and renew commercial fleets. The 24 county offices who perform DMV functions had to “buy in” and be willing to make the big change. Over 300 people state-wide were trained including state branch DMVs, county-run DMV’s, and third party users of the system. A monumental 123 interfaces were created, including DPS and law enforcement departments. T

he VADRS team diligently implemented this revolutionized process and met each challenge with creativity and tenacity. This atmosphere of teamwork led to a leading edge program, bringing customer service to a higher standard, while reducing costs.




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