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Rio Grande Storage & Collection Reconnaissance Team – Outstanding Public Service

DHA Rio Grand team

Recipient of a 2014 Governor’s Award for Excellence

The Department of Heritage & Arts and the Division of State History has made major efforts to increase utilization of one of the State’s most important historical buildings, the Rio Grande Depot.

The increased utilization of the Rio has necessitated a major cleanup of the storage areas in the Rio Grande’s basement. In addition, an inventory and reorganization of the State’s historical and archaeological collections has long been needed in order to better catalog, preserve, and access  these invaluable artifacts.

Over a period of seven months, the Rio Grande Storage & Collections Reconnaissance Team has:

  • Conducted a reconnaissance survey of the State’s principle historical artifact collection, composed of over 27,000 items from the 1800’s to the present.
  • Readied the building to receive 1100 linear feet of archival materials held by another state agency for over a decade.
  • Prepared and processed 1,300 gallons of archeological soils and artifacts, held incomplete by for decades.
  • Identified, processed and transferred over 50,000 archeological artifacts/specimens and associated records to the Utah Museum of Natural History.
  • Reduced the hard copy inventory of State’s History’s published works by 60%.
  • Removed 3.5 industrial dumpsters (nearly 4 tons) of unwanted materials from the Rio.
  • Prepared the building and hosted the Downtown Alliance Winter Market for bi-weekly market events.

In completing this complex task, the department and division have made great strides in increasing utilization of the Rio Grande Depot, and access to and care of the State’s historical and archeological holdings.

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