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Performance Improvement & Discipline – Resources

This Google Docs folder contains example documents and templates of disciplinary letters, performance improvement plans, performance documentation, etc. These documents are referenced in the discipline and performance improvement module. You can access the entire collection by clicking on the “Collection” folder. Please be sure to read the important announcement below.


The materials within this folder were created as a training resource only. Agency policies, practices, and disciplinary styles vary. Please consult with your agency’s HR specialist or HR manager before engaging in any disciplinary or performance improvement action.

DHRM R477-11-1 (2) states: Agency management shall consult with DHRM prior to disciplining an employee.

DHRM R477-10-2 states in part: When an employee’s performance does not meet established standards due to failure to maintain skills, incompetence, or inefficiency, and after consulting with DHRM, agency management may place an employee on an appropriate, and documented performance improvement plan..

Please contact your HR office if you have any questions.

Thank you.

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