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Fundamentals of Supervision

Performance Improvement & Discipline

Please use the links below to access the nine individual training segment videos hosted on YouTube. There is a lot of material here, so we’ve broken it up into segments and listed the time it will take to review each segment for your convenience. You may take the training at any pace that works for you, but you must complete the ten question test by clicking on the “Take the Test” link to earn credit for completing this module.

To view a module simply click on the name of the video you wish to view. The video will open in a new window. When you have completed the video, please close that window. By leaving this current page open you can return easily to continue to the next segment. Please remember that the resources (Google Docs collection) referred to in the videos can be found here: [Resources].

Module Videos

1 – Contents Review (3:09) 

2 – Due Process (4:35) 

3 – Performance Improvement vs. Discipline (3:49)

4 – Documentation Strategy (9:37) 

5 – Documentation Tools (8:06) 

6 – Performance Improvement Plan (15:17) 

7 – Disciplinary Process (16:46) 

8 – Career Service Review Office (9:15) 

9 – Non-merit Employee Discussion (4:19)

To complete this module – Take the Test

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