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Merisa Lanford with Division of Financial Institutions – Innovation and Efficiency

Merisa LanfordRecipient of a 2014 Governor’s Award for Excellence

Merisa’s been with the department for two years. Before, she worked for a local community bank. While there, she gained an understanding of the rules, regulations, and compliance issues with which a financial institution must comply. She also gained experience in working with customers to resolve problems.

Recently, Merisa was asked to provide some assistance in tracking consumer complaints and responses. She quickly learned what was needed. However, know she was capable of doing more, Merisa suggested that she could do more.

She learned how complaints were submitted, how institutions provided a response, and how to resolve the issues identified. With her knowledge and experience in banking, Merisa took on more and more responsibilities, and soon was able to handle the entire consumer complaint process.

Merisa’s now responsible for handling consumer complaints for the department. She’s the point of contact for consumers needing assistance. She listens and advises consumers on submitting formal complaints. She evaluates issues against applicable regulations, contacts institutions for responses, and follows up with the consumer for an amiable resolution.

Merisa’s innovative approach turned a request for temporary assistance into a new way of handling complaints. In addition to her other responsibilities, she assumed a task traditionally performed by a senior examiner or a supervisor and, using her knowledge and experience, made it possible for these individuals to focus on issues of more importance. In doing so, Merisa has maintained our standard for handling complaints effectively, while improving our efforts to be involved as a state regulator in compliance supervision.


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