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Kyle Walker with Board of Education – Leadership

Education Kyle WalkerRecipient of a 2014 Governor’s Award for Excellence

As Client Services Director for the Division of Rehabilitation Services, Kyle Walker has displayed consistent and critical aspects of leadership that have transformed the Vocational Rehabilitation program under this division from an organization that is great to one that recognized locally and nationally as exceptional. He has been an instrumental administrative level leader in establishing the “The Rehab Way.” Kyle has an ability to create the positive and address the negative through crucial conversations that have resulted in a new client-oriented focus on service provision, a stream-lined client services policy/procedure manual, and revised leadership meetings.

Because of Kyle, the division has a new welcome video that creates greater efficiency for clients coming to our offices, and helps them be more welcome and prepared to seek counselors’ help. He has created a culture of meeting with community resources and developing partnerships and services that benefit people with disabilities. He is the person that is sought out by many staff with critical conversation needs of their own because of his integrity. They go to him because they trust him, value his ability to listen and know that they will receive meaningful feedback to make themselves better professionally and personally.

In all, Kyle has been a keystone in establishing a renewed vision of what we can do, and how we can be better. As a result of his achievements, the division has greatly enhanced the impact and return investment for the individuals served. The greatest characteristics of a leader are those who not only see the vision, but blaze a trail to its realization, those who have the capacity to paint the picture for all to see the possibilities, and then hold the integrity solidly enough to have those who see it, follow.


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