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Jeremy Marsh with DHRM – Innovation and Efficiency

Jeremy MarshRecipient of a 2014 Governor’s Award for Excellence

DHRM’s service center, the Employee Resource Information Center (ERIC) processes approximately 3,100 Verification of Employment (VOE) requests per year.  The VOE process required an ERIC employee to manually complete the request by using data in the payroll system to run and format reports and enter the required VOE information into a PDF to return to the requestor.

DHRM was planning to use the services of the Department of Information Technology to indentify technology and automation solutions for the VOE process.  Jeremy took his own initiative to research what he could do on his own.  Jeremy believed he might be able to build a technology solution to automate the manual process for written VOE automation while still maintaining his assigned workload within DHRM.

Once the tool was approved by management, Jeremy proceeded with development and prepared testing, training, and implementation plan for the automated VOE solution.

On November 4, 2013, the new automated VOE solution was implemented within ERIC.  With the automated solution, ERIC was able to assign the VOE task to a team of employees instead of dedicating a full-time team member to process VOE’s.  DHRM was able to eliminate, through attrition, a full-time FTE generating a cost savings of approximately $48,000.

Jeremy’s innovation and initiative have produced a tool that streamlined and automated the VOE process and resulted in a cost savings to the State.


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