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Fundamentals of Supervision Online Course

ULI-large2forlinkedin.fwIf you have recently been promoted to a supervisory or management position or just want to learn how to become a more effective manager, this self-paced, online course will help you develop an understanding of the relevant state and federal laws and the rules and practices that affect the supervisor / employee relationship in Utah State Government.

Specifically, the modules contained within this course address the:

  • Expectations the State has of supervisors.
  • Legal standards for the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, and the Fair Labor Standards Act.
  • HR rules and practices for disciplinary actions and performance improvement plans.
  • Supervisor roles for preventing harassment in the workplace.   

Offered completely online, this course allows you to learn wherever you have Internet access and whatever time of day fits your needs. Since the course is self-paced it can be completed in 1 day or 1 month from the time of registration. Please make a plan to complete all 3 sections within a one month period (after one month, your registration lapses and you must start the course from the beginning).

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