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Fundamentals of Supervision – Courses

Welcome to Fundamentals of Supervision

This training module is composed of three sections. You may choose to view selected topics or complete the entire series. To get completion credit for ULI or CPM, you must complete all three sections. After completion, click on the Completion Credit located at the bottom of this page.

Section 1:

Instructions: In this section you will complete three modules, two tests and the exercise in the Alphabet Soup module. When you are ready to start a module, click on the title of the module.

Alphabet Soup (length: approximately 30 minutes)

This module addresses the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Long-Term Disability (LTD), and Worker’s Compensation that supervisors should know to manage their workforce and avoid legal challenges. The title link will open another page with access to Parts 1 and 2 and additional required documents.

Fair Labor Standards Act (length: approximately 35 minutes)

This module includes the overtime requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Supervisors must ensure that employees accurately complete their time and attendance records, and that employees are compensated for all hours they are required or permitted to work.

HR Rules Primer (length: approximately 30 minutes)

The DHRM or HR Rules are the statewide administrative laws that govern aspects of employment such as merit/non-merit status, probationary periods, leave use, overtime, acceptable workplace conduct, and more. This primer is reviewed by new employees, and supervisors should know these  materials just as well. There is not a test on this information. Link to DHRM Rules.

Section 2:

Instructions: In this section you will complete one module and one test. When you are ready to begin, click on the title of the module.

Workplace Harassment Prevention for Supervisors (length: approximately 30 minutes)

Workplace Harassment Prevention training is mandatory for all employees. WHP for Supervisors is mandatory for supervisors because of the increased responsibility in this area. (If you have not completed the standard WHP module, please complete it before continuing.) 

Section 3:

Instructions: In this section, you will complete one module that is composed of nine videos and a test. The title link will open another page with each topic listed with a separate link. The video segments are presented in the intended viewing order. You may stop and return to a segment at a later time. The test must be completed to get credit for the module.

Performance Improvement and Discipline (length: approximately 90 minutes)

This module briefly reviews the legal reasons for how performance improvement and disciplinary processes work. The focus of this module is on the components of how the processes can be done properly.

To receive credit for this training remember to submit the Completion Form when you have finished all three sections.

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