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Fran Stultz with The Governor’s Office – Outstanding Public Service

Fran StultzRecipient of a 2014 Governor’s Award for Excellence

With almost 20 years in the Governor’s Office she knows everyone and everything.  Fran has done almost every job in the Governor’s Office and she is the repository of all historical knowledge.  If you need to know something, you ask Fran.  If you want to get something done, you ask Fran.  The simple truth is that the Governor’s Office could not function as effectively or efficiently without Fran’s gentle, guiding hand.  In fact, everyone both inside and outside of government who has associated with Fran knows that she is the person that REALLY runs the state!

Fran has served four Governors including Mike Leavitt, Olene Walker, John Huntsman Jr. and Gary Herbert.  Fran currently serves as the Governor’s Executive Assistant and Scheduler.  While that is her official title, she also serves as the Governor’s time keeper, alarm clock, organizer, confidant, rabbi, nutritionist, and second brain.  Fran’s most important title is that of “friend.”  She is a friend to Governor’s, Congressmen, Senators, Ambassadors, staff, and every Utahn seeking help from the Governor’s Office. 

For all these reasons, and more, Fran Stultz is the recipient of the Governor’s Award for Excellence.


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