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Electronic Crash Reporting Transition Team with Utah Dept of Public Safety – Innovation and Efficiency

DPS Crash Reporting


Recipient of a 2014 Governor’s Award for Excellence

Carrie Silcox, Gary Mower and Mark Thompson, the Electronic Crash Reporting Transition Team, dared to use creative thinking and dream what an all-electronic traffic crash reporting world would like for Utah. Using obscure federal monies to fund the project, they introduced an innovative new business model of database stewardship which measurably improved the crash data collection process for about 50,000 crash reports annually, while cultivating innovation through a collaborative rather than a prescriptive effort encompassing local law enforcement agencies statewide.

After more than three years of effort, their work has paid off with bountiful results. As of today, over 98% of all Utah traffic crash reports are submitted electronically, annual traffic crash data is now available about 12 months sooner, and preliminary data is available for spot analysis as soon as the crash report is submitted.


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