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DWR 5600 West Exchange Team – Outstanding Public Service

DWR 5600 West exchangeRecipient of a 2014 Governor’s Award for Excellence

The DWR 5600 West Exchange Team:  Kim Christy, Richard B. Wilcox, Rodger Mitchell, Wendy Peterson, Scott Barlett, Nancy Strickland, and Diane Lund are a well-deserving group of recipients for this distinguished award.

The School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA) and the Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) have discussed this land exchange since the mid-1980s.  The DWR owned 150 acres on 5600 West that were no longer suitable for wildlife purposes and SITLA had thousands of acres around the state that were in-held or adjacent to Wildlife Management Areas, effectively rendering them unsuitable for development and revenue generation for its beneficiaries.  Another significant problem for DWR wsa that it could not divest itself of the property except by exchange for other property with equal or better wildlife values.

For various reasons, the exchange never came to fruition.  However, the agencies continued to discuss the benefits of an exchange.  When the Department of Transportation (DOT) needed to acquire a portion of the 5600 West property for the Mountain View Corridor, it became the catalyst to spur both DWR and SITLA commitment to finding a way to accomplish the exchange to the benefit of both agencies as well as DOT.  Through countless meetings and innumerable email messages, the mutual respect of each agency enabled a myriad of problems to be solved and a solution to be found.

For their commitment to cooperative problem solving and attention to detail, SITLA is proud to join Governor Herbert in honoring this Team with the 2014 Governor’s Award for Excellence.


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