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DABC Warehouse Staff – Innovation and Efficiency

DABC Warehouse StaffRecipient of a 2014 Governor’s Award for Excellence

Starting in August of 2013 the DABC warehouse staff changed from processing orders from 5 to 7 days, to a turnaround of only three days.  By implementing this quicker turnaround for processing store orders the DABC has recognized many benefits.

  • Warehouse staff and it’s contracted trucking partner now use less fuel to run insulated trailers during extreme heat or cold conditions.  This results in a significant savings of over $222,000 a year.
  • Stores now use more recent sales data to establish store orders.  This results in more accurate sales date that improves the efficiency of store orders.
  • Purchasing department can more accurately project sales trend and adapt more quickly to fulfill store needs.
  • More utilizable dock space for the warehouse to use to perform other necessary tasks.  Overall this change improved the UDABC’s ability to serve the citizens of Utah more efficiently and with better accuracy of their needs.  This change was made possible by the efforts of all the departments of the DABC and the DTS staff assigned to this agency.

Staff involved in the project

  • Brian Whittemore
  • Bonnie Healey
  • Brandon Johnson
  • Cade Meier
  • Cal Sturgill
  • Chris Christensen
  • David Schindel
  • David Sorenson
  • Doug Leader
  • Eric Begay
  • Eric Gaus
  • Erick Velasquez
  • Fahaivalu Langi
  • John Phil
  • Justin Broderick
  • Mark Taylor
  • Matt Johnson
  • Michael Oliver
  • Michael Percy
  • Pita Vainuku
  • Randy Spradling
  • Rocky Vigil
  • Ryan Ewing
  • Scott Horsfall
  • Sergio Quinonz
  • Steven Fisch
  • Steven Wall
  • Terry Davey
  • Thomas Baldi
  • Tom Collier
  • Tom Zdunich Jr.
  • Trevor Hovey
  • Troy Kelsch


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