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DHRM Mission and Vision


Develop, implement, and administer a statewide program of human resource management that: aids in the efficient execution of public policy, fosters careers in public service for qualified employees, and assists state agencies in the performance of their missions. Utah Code, Section 67-19-6(1)(a).


DHRM actively partners with state agencies to achieve their missions by championing the highest quality workforce.

DHRM First
  • We create the innovation that drives our goals.
  • We demonstrate that we can add increased value.
  • We set the example within DHRM.
  • We CHAMPION our vision.
Attract & Select
  • The highest quality hires become the highest quality employees.
  • We actively partner with agencies to create strategies that will result in the highest quality candidates.
Strengthen & Support
  • The highest quality employees are engaged, nurtured, supported, and retained.
  • We actively partner with agencies to develop strategies to enhance employee performance and satisfaction.
Facilitate Succession & Separation
  • The highest quality employees of the future starts with active planning in the present.
  • We actively partner with agencies to plan for future needs and facilitate successful transitions when employees exit.
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