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Employee Guide to Finance Policy and Procedures

DHRM Employee PolicyCan I Adjust my Work Schedule to Fit my Needs?

Employee’s work schedules are set by supervisors or managers. Any changes to meet employee’s or employer’s needs need to be approved by supervisors or managers prior to becoming effective.

Supervisors or managers may approve a flexible starting and ending time for an employee as long as scheduling is consistent with the overtime provisions.

Employees are entitled to a 15 minute compensated break period for every four hours worked. Break periods may not be accumulated to accommodate a shorter work day or a longer lunch period.

Employees may take a minimum of 30 minutes uncompensated lunch period. Lunch breaks cannot be skipped so that employees can leave early.

Employees who are approved for a flexible schedule should make sure timesheets are accurate. For example, an employee has a medical appointment on Wednesday and chooses to work an extra two hours on Monday with approval. The employee needs to record twelve hours worked on Monday and only eight hours worked on Wednesday.

Timesheets are records of actual work hours and need to be recorded as accurately as possible. Falsifying a timesheet could result in disciplinary action by agency management.

For additional information, please contact the Employee Resource Information Center (ERIC) at (801) 957-9390 or your agency payroll coordinator.

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