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Wage Types for Time Entry

Wage Types are the codes used by the payroll system to reimburse or pay employees for payroll items other than hours worked or leave types.  The codes cannot by entered by employees in the Employee Self Serve system, only by payroll staff responsible for processing your payroll.  To better assist you in determining what you have been paid or reimbursed for, the codes are:

Wage Type Wage Type Description
1121 Property Rent
1124 #Clothing Allowanc
1125 #State Car Commute
1128 #Award Cash Equivalent
1131 Hazard Duty Pay
1133 Meeting Pay
1135 Service Award
1139 Incentive Award
1142 Witness Pay
1144 Education Workshop Pay
1146 Miscellaneous Pay
1149 Professional Development Pay
1151 Market Incentive
1178 Retro Overtime Pay
1179 Retro Regular Pay
1182 *Telephone Reimbursement
1183 *Mileage Low
1185 Shift Differential Direct
1186 Weekends Worked
1194 Taxable Meal Allowance
1195 *Mileage Max

#Indicates inputed (non-cash) income

*Indicates nontaxable earnings

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