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Viewing and Correcting Previous Pay Periods

Previous Pay Period Directions

  1. Log into your ESS.
  2. Click on the PAYROLL tab, found in the upper right corner.
  3. You will see the headers WORKING TIME, PAYMENTS, and PERSONAL INFORMATION.
  4. Click on WORKING TIME header.
  5. Then, click on REVIEW TIME SHEET link, located under the WORKING TIME header.
  6. Use the blue arrows to scroll through time entry.

Submit a time sheet for a previous pay period

If you need to submit time for a previous pay period, please follow these 3 steps:


  1. Fill out a blank time sheet for that pay period. Please include all the hours that need to be changed as well as the hours that do not. (Link to blank time sheet here)
  2. Your supervisor will need to approve these changes by signing your new time sheet.*
  3. Please email this new time sheet, with approved changes, to, or fax it to ERIC at 801-538-3616.


*Please note that Payroll will not be able to make changes to your time without the supervisor signature.


ERIC Payroll will not be able to make changes to timesheet that go back before the fiscal year or end of calendar year. Whichever one is most recent. If your time does need to be changed before these dates, then please contact your Human Resources representative.

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