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Payroll Questions & Contact Information

The Employee Resource Information Center (ERIC) processes payroll for most state agencies except for:

  • Utah Department of Transportation
  • Utah Department of Public Safety
  • Utah Department of Natural Resources
  • Utah Division of Technology Services.

ERIC can assist you with: 

Question Contact Information
General Pay Questions (801) 957-9390 (ERIC) or AskHR on the Gateway
Time Sheet Submission or changes after entry screens have closed Employee Self Serve System (ESS) AskHR to submit an electronic or scanned copy Fax: 385-465-6054
Assistance with accessing ESS information (801) 957-9390 or AskHR online

 State Payroll Contact Information:

  • State Payroll Help Desk: (801) 957-7770, (scanned payroll forms and payroll questions)
  • Fax: (385) 465-6012  (all payroll forms including security requests)
  • Employee Self Service (ESS) issues: 801-538-3742

** Please contact your Agency Payroll Representative or ERIC prior to calling State Payroll **

Question Contact Phone Email
Answer Questions/Problem Resolution/Provide Assistance Pam Borman 801-957-7757
Child Support/Garnishments/Tax Levies Lindsay Kibler  801-957-7744
Dual Employment/Retirements/Terminations Samantha Billings 801-957-7762
Payroll Deductions/Direct Deposit /W-2’s/W-4’s Sonia Smith 801-957-7762

Questions related to your Chase UCard Payroll Card:

The state no longer offers the Chase UCard Payroll card option, if you have an existing balance or need to contact Chase UCard Center please call 800-330-6828.


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