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DHRM Consolidation

DHRM Consolidation ImageIn July 2007, the Department of Human Resource Management consolidated all HR services and staff into one department. Prior to consolidation, state agency HR Staff reported to and were funded by state agencies. With consolidation, state agency HR Staff report to the Department of Human Resource Management and are funded through an Internal Service Fund.

Additional efficiency has come from the ability to standardize HR processes, procedures, and increase the consistency of application of HR rules and laws across the state. This efficiency has increased with the September 2011 implementation of a new centrally located service center, the Employee Resource Information Center (ERIC). The service center handles all routine HR questions and transactions that are constant across agency lines (i.e. onboarding new employees, entering salary actions, retirement estimates, processing terminations, etc.). ERIC was staffed by closing our rural HR offices and moving HR Technicians from the agency HR offices to ERIC. (NOTE: Strategic HR functions such as recruitment, classification, disciplinary actions, workforce planning are handled by the HR Managers, HR Analysts, and HR Specialists assigned to and housed in the agencies).

As the evaluation of best practices, resource management and capacity continues, DHRM anticipates additional efficiencies will be achieved under this consolidation model.

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