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  • Free Flu Shot Clinics Near You

    During the month of October, UPEA has partnered with CNS to administer flu shot clinics at a location near you. Click here for details. If you are unable to attend the pre-arranged clinics, flu shots are also provided free of charge to PEHP members at your local drug store, doctor’s office and ...
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  • Blomquist Hale workshops

    Blomquist Hale is offering workshops at no cost. You do not need to be a client of Blomquist Hale to access these workshops. Space is limited in each online class. Please scroll down to view and register for our upcoming workshops. Or visit Blomquist Hale for more information about their programs. Upcoming ...
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  • Understanding HB 104

    During the 2022 legislative session, HB 104 “State Employment Amendments” was passed. The bill contains five substantial components including redefining the career service grievance process, compensation policy updates, the creation of Schedule AX classification, and modernizing performance management ...
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  • Diabetes Cost Savings!

    Living with Diabetes – PEHP Resources Most of us know someone with diabetes and are aware of the sky-rocketing costs associated with staying healthy.  How does $10 insulin and test strips sound? As a state employee, it could be a reality for you.  If you are enrolled with PEHP, here are three simple ...
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  • Mental Health Benefits and Resources

    NEW Mental Wellness Administrative Leave Amid a mounting mental health crisis, Governor Cox and the State of Utah are stepping forward to support Utah’s 21,000 executive branch employees, many of whom are frontline workers carrying our communities through the pandemic, and to promote awareness about the ...
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  • Retirement Plans for State Employees

    Take Control of your personal financial wellbeing! Understanding and knowing your retirement benefit options is helpful in planning for your future after you have retired from a career with the State of Utah.
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