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Program I (Pre-2006) & Program II (Pre-2014) Sick & Converted Sick Leave Transfer Request

Complete this form to request a transfer of Program I (Pre-2006) and/or Program II (Pre-2014)  Sick or Converted Sick to use in a current pay period.  Submit the form to your payroll processor or if ERIC is responsible for processing your payroll – fax to 385-465-6054 or email to

VERY IMPORTANT – Please note:  Transfers are not available for immediate use, after the adjustment has been made the change must go through an update process before the hours will be available for you to enter – if you intend to enter the hours in the Employee Self Serve (ESS) system you must submit the request form no later than 11:00 a.m. the Monday following the pay day, otherwise you will need to submit a Paper timesheet to account for the hours you were unable to enter in ESS.

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