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Try Connect Care’s Telemedicine

Want to avoid long lines, gathering your belongings and children to get to the doctor, and being exposed to even more germs?Try Connect Care’s Telemedicine

A faster, more convenient way to receive the medical care you need, for you or your child. (And it doesn’t drain your wallet either.)

Intermountain Connect Care is now available for all PEHP members on all networks (not just Advantage members)

Here is how the pricing works:

  • Traditional Plan is only $10 per visit
  • STAR Plan is only $49 per visit, or $10 after meeting your deductible
  • FREE if you are referred somewhere else for your condition
    • You are only charged if you’re treated for your condition by the virtual doctor

For easy access on your mobile device, download the Intermountain Connect Care app from the Apple Store or Google Play.


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