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Payroll Questions for New Hires

Payroll Questions for New Hires ImageStarting a new job can be overwhelming, the last thing you want to do is worry about your paycheck.  Here are some helpful resources to help guide you through getting your paycheck:

  • 2021 Pay Periods and Holidays – schedule of pay period start and end dates along with payroll check dates.  This schedule also lists any observed holidays during the pay periods.
  • Direct Deposit – All employees are required to set up a direct deposit or they will automatically receive a paper check mailed to the address listed in your employee profile. If you need assistance setting up your direct deposit account, see the Direct Deposit post or contact ERIC at (801) 957-9390.
  • Blank Time Sheet – use this to report your hours worked if you DO NOT have access to the Employees Self Serve system.  Please check with your supervisor to find out where your agency’s payroll is processed, if ERIC processes your payroll email a scanned copy to or fax to 385-465-6054.
  • Blank Coded Time Sheet – if the agency you work for requires you to add Finet coding strings to your hours worked for project management, please use this time sheet instead.
  • Employee Self Serve (ESS) Payroll System – If your agency participates in ESS entry, you can access this time entry site to report your hours worked.  For a demonstration on using the ESS system, click here.
  • Payroll Resources provides more information and resources for current employees.
  • The Employee Resource Information Center (ERIC) can assist you with payroll questions, to contact ERIC please call (801) 957-9390 or submit your questions online through AskHR.

The Employee Resource Information Center (ERIC) does not process payroll for following agencies, please contact their agency payroll representative directly: 

  • Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) – Laurie Howard (801)965-4090
  • Division Technology Services (DTS) – Kamron Dalton (801)538-3456
  • Department of Natural Resources (DNR) – Teri Akiyama (801)538-7203
  • Utah Department of Public Safety (DPS) – Irene Swenson (801) 965-4557
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