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Onboarding Resources for Supervisors / Managers

As a supervisor or manager it’s sometimes difficult to remember what needs to be done when hiring a new employee. Use this page as a general reference to help guide you through the initial process of onboarding a new employee. We encourage you to review the Onboarding Training for Supervisors Module, use this guide to help welcome your new employee, and be sure to incorporate any agency specific onboarding processes that may also be required. **(Please note: If you’re using Chrome as your internet browser, the above link will direct you to download Adobe Flash in order to view the module. You will have to click an icon that says “Click here to enable Adobe Flash Player” and the click an “Allow” button when attempting to view the module in Chrome.)**

Before First Day
  • Extend personal welcome to employee
  • Communicate first day logistics (i.e. parking, lunch needs, dress code, etc.)
  • Be sure they have received Onboarding link to initiate process
  • Prepare workspace for employee (i.e. clean desk, supplies, computer needs)
  • Notify other office personnel of new person starting
First Day
  • Introduction to coworkers, workspace and area facilities (i.e. restrooms, breakroom, drinking fountain, campus)
  • Assign a mentor (in case they have questions and you are not available)
  • Explain the goals of the agency and their position
  • Explain expectations and procedures (i.e. time off, office procedures, etc.)
  • Facilitate computer access by contacting Desk Top support and provide contact info for Help Desk in case new employee needs assistance with passwords.
  • Provide ERIC contact information (801-957-9390) to the employee for general employment questions
  • Meet with the assigned I9 approver to complete section 2 of the I9 form. Review the Tracker I-9 Instructions.
First Week
  • Ensure you are available to assist with questions and trainings
  • Assign training schedule and training materials
  • Ensure completion of Required Training for all state employees
  • Schedule Benefits in Brief for employee (every 2nd Tuesday of each month)
  • If the employee is benefitted, remind them they have 30 days to enroll in a Traditional Medical plan and 60 days to enroll in a STAR Medical plan.  Provide contact information for ERIC for questions about benefits – 801-957-9390.
  • Assign meaningful work assignments
  • Show employee how to enter time or direct them to the Employee Gateway for a demonstration.
  • Encourage employee to become familiar with the Employee Gateway as an information source
First 90 Days & Beyond
  • Initiate Performance Plan
  • Provide all necessary training
  • Monitor performance and provide feedback
  • Request feedback from employee
  • Recognize positive employee contributions
  • Create a development plan for the employee
  • Address any performance or attendance concerns your local HR office prior to probationary period end date

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