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Onboarding for New Hires

Congratulations! You have been offered a position with the State of Utah.

You will be required to access your new hire paperwork online by completing two Onboarding tours. The first tour called “Completing the Hiring Process,” should be completed before your first day of work to ensure that your records are accurate and that all hiring requirements have been met. The second tour called “Welcome to State Employment” should be completed by the end of your third day of work.

After you have accepted your position at, you will receive a welcome email to the address associated with your job seeker account. This email should be sent within 24 hours of accepting your position online.  If it is not received with this time, please check your “SPAM” or “JUNK” folders.  This email will direct you to your onboarding tours and will include these specific sign on credentials.  (Employee ID and Initial Password fields will be populated with your unique information.)

onboarding snip

The employee ID number given to you in your welcome email is your permanent State of Utah employee ID. Please make note of it. Please note that the initial password is case sensitive, so be sure to use capital and lower case letters as indicated.  You will be required to change your password the first time you log in.

If you have any questions about onboarding or problems logging into this system, please contact the Employee Resource Information Center (ERIC) at (801) 957-9390. ERIC is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., except state holidays.

This Onboarding Checklist will help guide you through the new hire process.

For further information about your benefits, you may refer to Benefit Resources Information page for new employees.

Common Onboarding Tour FAQ’s

  • The information populated in the Personal Information section is incorrect.
    • Please update any incorrect information by replacing with correct information.
    • Make sure all fields such as the following contain accurate information.
      1. Does your name and social security number match exactly what is listed on your Social Security Card?
      2. Is your birth date correct?
    • Hire date: This field is not editable. If it is incorrect, please contact your hiring manager.
  • Why can I not continue beyond the I-9 Verification?
    • Check that you are using Internet Explorer
    • Check that all fields have been completed with correct information
    • If you don’t have additional names, mark the N/A box (please don’t type N/A)
    • Make sure you have answered the security question “What is your mother’s maiden name?”
  • How do I know what number of withholding allowances to claim on my W-4?
  • How do I know if I am Exempt?
    • You must meet both of the following conditions:
      1. Last year I had a right to a refund for all federal income tax withheld because I had no tax liability and
      2. This year I expect a refund of all federal income tax withheld because I expect to have no tax liability.

To return to the onboarding application, please use the link and logon credentials you were sent via your personal email account previously. If you have any questions about your onboarding status, please call the ERIC at (801) 957-9390 (Salt Lake Local) or 855-707-3742 (toll free outside of Salt Lake area).

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