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Onboarding Checklist for New Hires

Onboarding Checklist ImageThis list guides new employees through the new hire process by outlining steps required for online onboarding tours, benefits and other new hire processes.

  • Accept your job offer at
    Within 24 hours after you have accepted the job, you will receive an email from with instructions on how to complete your new hire paper work. This email provides you with a link to the website and login credentials which include your employee ID, initial password and organization.  If you do not receive the e‐mail, check your spam folder or call the ERIC at (801) 957-9390.
  • Complete onboarding Tour 1: Completing the hiring process
    • Before your start date you will need to complete this section of your online paperwork. Update your personal information, provide emergency contacts, complete section 1 of the I‐9 form, and electronically sign employment forms.
  • Complete onboarding Tour 2: Welcome to State Employment
    • Read and acknowledge important policies relating to your State employment preferably before your start date. This module should be completed by the end of your third day.
  • On first day of work Bring documents to complete form I‐9
    • You must provide documentation to your employer on your first day of employment to show your identity and authorization to work. If you do not bring your I9 documents on your first day you may be sent home to get them.  You can see a list of acceptable documents at Additionally, you must present your social security card for payroll purposes.
  • Review & Sign up for health care benefits
    • If you are benefits eligible, you will receive an email from ERIC providing instruction for benefits enrollment. You have 30 days from your start date to enroll in any of the traditional plans and 60 days from your start date to enroll in any of the high deductible plans. You can begin browsing your benefit options at this link:
  • Sign up for a retirement plan
    • If you are benefits eligible, you will receive an email from ERIC providing instruction for retirement options. You can review your retirement options here:
  • Get access to the Employee Gateway
    • The Employee Gateway provides access for State employees to employment information and forms. Most of the site is public. If you haven’t received logon credentials for this site, please ask your supervisor for assistance. Through this website you will also access ESS, the place where most state employees record their time worked for payroll purposes.
  • Complete online training
  • Complete agency forms
    • Your supervisor may have agency specific forms for you to sign and/or policies to read.
  • Submit time worked for your first pay period
  • Sign up for direct deposit

Useful Resources:


IRS -withholding calculator

Questions? Call ERIC (Employee Resource Information Center) at (801) 957-9390.

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