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Benefits Enrollment

Coverage for a member will terminate if the member voluntarily cancels the member’s coverage or ceases to be eligible for benefits due to divorce. The termination date for an ex-spouse and stepchildren is the day prior to the date on the court signed decree. A divorce decree is needed if the courts have made a determination as to which parent is awarded custody and/or must provide health care benefits to the children. Divorce is a qualifying event for COBRA. The employee and/or qualified beneficiary must notify the employer or PEHP in writing within 60 days of divorce or legal separation. An ex-spouse may not continue Term Life or AD&D coverage. As an additional reminder, this is an appropriate time to review beneficiary designations and make any changes.

How does this apply to me?

Once you are divorced, you must remove your spouse and/or stepchildren from your coverage on the day before the divorce decree is signed by the court. If you are ordered to continue to provide coverage for your ex-spouse, it must be done as COBRA coverage. If you fail to notify PEHP within 60 days of your divorce, and PEHP makes payment for services that should not have been covered, PEHP will ask you (the employee, not the person that used the benefits) to reimburse the amount paid.

To remove members from your insurance plan, log on to and fill out the Medical and Dental Enrollment and Change Form and submit it to PEHP.

When a divorce takes place, this is also a good time to change your beneficiary information. You may change beneficiaries for Employee Term Life, Spouse Term Life, Dependent Child Term Life, and Employee AD&D by logging on to and filling out the Group Term Life Change Form.

Retirement Plans

Beneficiary Designation

See Beneficiary Designation information for details.


State employees getting divorced should review the following items and make any changes needed:

  1. Change of Emergency Contact – To update Emergency contact information, please contact the employee Resource Information Center at (801) 957-9390 or use the AskHR feature on the Gateway to notify Human Resource of the change.
  2. Name Change – To request your name be changed, you must provide an updated Social Security Card with your updated name to the Employee Resource Information Center (ERIC). Please contact ERIC at (801) 957-9390 for further details.
  3. Change of Address – You may update your address by contact ERIC via the AskHR tool on the Employee Gateway or you may talk to HR representative at ERIC by calling (801) 957-9390.
  4. Update W-4 – Employees can update W-4 forms on the Employee Self Service (ESS) System or by filling out a new W-4 Form and submitting to payroll representative.
  5. Update Direct Deposit – Employees can change Direct Deposit information on the Employee Self Service (ESS) System or by filling out the Employee Authorization Agreement for Payroll Direct Deposits Form and submitting to payroll representative.
  6. Obtain New Social Security Card – When getting divorced, individuals often change their name. Contact the Social Security Administration.
  7. Change Name in Gmail – Submit a help desk ticket to your IT Administrator.
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