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AskERIC has Changed Its Name to AskHR

Time for ChangeThe AskERIC tool on the Employee Gateway was introduced in September of 2011 along with the Employee Resource Information Center (ERIC).  This tool established a direct online communication avenue with the center for employees to submit human resource related questions for assistance.

Over the past three years, Division of Human Resource Management (DHRM) has been evaluating the usage and progress of AskERIC and has concluded that making it easier for employees to understand they are communicating directly with HR can only make the tool more efficient.  Therefore, effective March 25, 2015 the AskERIC tool will be appropriately renamed AskHR.

You may be wondering what this name change might effect, right?  We want to assure you the service level will stay the same.  We anticipate that renaming the tool could possibly increase or expand the type of questions we receive and have expanded the capacity of system to provide escalation to human resource field office locations for instances where the response would be more appropriately handled by a local field office human resource representative instead of an ERIC HR representative.  DHRM’s main goal is to provide exceptional, accurate and timely service to all employees.  AskHR offers you a confidential online communication option and we would like to encourage all employees to take advantage of this awesome tool for your human resource related questions.

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