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Utah Certified Public Manager® Program


The Utah Certified Public Manager® Program increases the professional performance of current and future government managers. Certified Public Manager® is a professional designation granted by nationally accredited programs in state and federal governments. The CPM Program increases the capacity of its participants to effectively lead people, manage work processes and develop self mastery. The Utah CPM Program consists of three courses addressing leadership and management skills. The program is delivered by Utah Valley University and the State of Utah Department of Human Resource Management.

What will I learn and accomplish in CPM?

Utah’s CPM curriculum incorporates core competencies as outlined by the National CPM Consortium. The competencies are aimed at strengthening participants’ breadth and skill as a public manager. This includes exposing participants to new concepts, skills and experiences not part of their everyday routine. The purpose is to widen the scope of understanding of government operations and the management discipline.

Participants are directed toward performance outcomes. When you enter a CPM course, you can expect to gain knowledge and achieve results that increase your professional capacity and experience. Click on Course Descriptions & Performance Outcomes to see what you will accomplish in the Utah CPM Program.

When and Where are the next classes?

Course 1 will be offered on Wednesdays, beginning on August 21 at UVU facilities (to be announced) in Northern Utah County. Course 3 will be offered online beginning on September 9.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the program is $750 per course. Full certification (3 courses) totals $2,250.

How do I register?

Registration for Courses 1 and 3 are open for Fall Term. Visit THIS PAGE for links to the course you are interested in.

How are courses organized?

  • Three courses (10-12 weeks each) are organized into modules. See the Module Descriptions. Participants attend one day each week 8am-5pm.
  • Performance Outcomes define the practical learning tasks students can expect to accomplish in each module of the Utah CPM program.
  • Experience a variety of instructors. During the quarter students may experience several different instructors who facilitate specific modules rather than entire courses. See Instructors to learn more about the program instructors.
  • CPM certification requires completion of the three core courses plus elective credits within a five year time period. See CPM Elective Credit for more detail.
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