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Certified Public Manager® Associations and Organizations

CPM students are supported both pre- and post- graduation by organizations that assure the highest standards of accreditation for each program and provide graduates with local and nationwide networks of fellow CPMs.

The Utah Society of Certified Public Managers® (USCPM) is a professional association of Utah public sector managers. The society is primarily composed of alumni of the Utah CPM program. However, any interested individual is welcome to participate. Visit the Utah CPM Society at

National Certified Public Manager®Consortium was formed in 1979 and establishes and preserves standards for the Certified Public Manager® designation. The purpose of the Consortium is to promote CPM programs by providing and monitoring accreditation standards, facilitating program development, encouraging innovation and developing linkages with programs and organizations with similar concerns.  The Utah Certified Public Manager® Program is an accredited member of the National Certified Public Manager® Consortium. For more information visit their web site

American Academy of Certified Public Managers® (AACPM) is a professional association of public sector managers established in 1984 to promote a high professional, educational and ethical standard in public management.  This is a membership association open to individuals who have earned the designation of Certified Public Manager® (CPM) or who are enrolled in a CPM program.  Visit the American Academy of Certified Public Managers®.

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