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CPM Elective Credit

Elective credit can be obtained by participating in a variety of management learning activities. CPM emphasizes application. Therefore, you will be asked to describe how the learning activity addressed a management or leadership competency and explain how you have applied your learning to a management setting. Using the CPM Elective Credit Application you may receive credit for the following activities:

– Conferences: time spent in management or leadership-specific sessions. Do not count networking, breaks, meals, or other non-instructional activities.

– Workshops: time spent in class or completing exercises or assignments for the workshop.

– University or Professional Courses: hours spent in management or leadership-specific courses, including assignments.

– Webinars: time spent participating in web-based learning with management and leadership specific topics.

– e-Learning Courses: time spent in management or leadership-specific courses, including assignments.

– Independent Study: time spent reading or listening to management/leadership books or viewing management/leadership videos or streamed media.

– Independent Projects: time spent applying CPM Course 2 project management principles in the workplace to complete a project from start to finish (maximum 10 hours). Projects must be started after the completion of the Data Gathering & Decision-making modules.

– Service in the Utah CPM Society: time spent meeting and carrying out society projects (maximum 10 hours).

A total of 20 hours of elective credit are required for certification. All hours should be recorded to the nearest quarter hour.
Candidates are responsible for obtaining and retaining certificates or statements signed by supervisors or sponsors of the learning activity as proof of credit completed. Identical courses or content may not be repeated for additional credit.

The following form will auto-populate a database that is reviewed by CPM Administrators:
Elective Credit Application

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