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Category: Additional Resources

Other training resources provided or hosted by DHRM

NEOGOV Recruitment System Online Hiring Center (OHC)

The NEOGOV recruitment system’s Online Hiring Center (OHC) received a significant update on August 31, 2017.  Notable changes to the look and feel of the system have been implemented. DHRM specific resource documents have been created for you to utilize when navigating the new OHC.  You can access them in this Google Docs folder titled New NEOGOV OHC Resource docs or click on the individual links below. Resource documents for OHC users include the following: OHC training on NEOGOV site (users will need to log into NEOGOV to view) New OHC Menus Overview Creating a Requisition Approving a ...

Additional Resources

The Division of Human Resource Management has some resources available to assist in agency training efforts.  A list of the inventory available for check out can be accessed below: Competency Based Interview Questions Manual Interviewing Guidelines and Post Interview Process for Managers NEOGOV Recruitment System Online Hiring Center (OHC) UPM Training Tutorials Evaluating a Performance Plan Training Aid Best Hiring Practices Training for Managers ASAP for Hiring Managers Interviewing People with Disabilities NEOGOV Recruitment System Online Hiring Center (OHC) User Documents

UPM Training Tutorials

These videos were produced to help you successfully use UPM, the State of Utah’s performance management system. We will continue to add to this video library over time. Please send questions about UPM and these videos, and ideas for how they might be improved to Accepting a AAA in UPM Creating a Performance Plan in UPM Evaluating Performance in UPM

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