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Category: Contractor Services

The Utah Division of Human Resource Management promotes and supports the professional development of the state’s managers and leaders.

Services through state purchasing-approved contractors (you will find contractor information below) and through DHRM’s own training resources (click DHRM Provided Training link in the menu to the right).

Contractor training/consulting services

ULI contractors can provide training, coaching, and consulting in a diverse range of content areas. The matrix on this post shows the options for each of the contractors.

Provider Contact Information

Here you will find the information for the primary point of contact for each or the ULI providers.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

State Agencies can make use of the services of a ULI contractor using the below MOU template. The details of the specific outcomes and specifications for the services to be provided are negotiated between the contractor and the agency and attached as part of the MOU. The completed MOU is forwarded to DHRM to be placed in the Contractor’s file. The Contractor will send billing statements/ invoices to DHRM for payment. All parties are advised to keep a copy of the completed MOU for their individual records. Clicking on the image below will permit you to download a copy of the MOU ...

Contractor Pricing Structure

ULI contractors often charge different fees depending on the services provided. This chart shows the contracted pricing structure for each of our providers.

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