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Category: Policy

Understanding the FLSA

FAIR LABOR STANDARDS ACT (FLSA) 2018 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) & Answers Exempt vs. Non-Exempt and FLSA Fact Sheet regarding white collar exemptions.  Training for supervisors and managers.  Supervisors and Managers FLSA training page FLSA links for payroll questions: This is a link to payroll policy, including FLSA information. This is a link to payroll FAQ’s, including FLSA information. This is a link to a payroll section, including FLSA information. These various links refers employees to the Overtime Election Forms:      Payroll Forms      Direct Hire ...


What is Longevity? Longevity increases are given to employees who meet these requirements: State service for eight years or more At the maximum of their current salary range for at least 1 year Are not a Schedule AB, IN or TL employee Successful performance evaluation rating for the prior 12-month period An eligible employee will receive a 2.75% increase upon eligibility and every three years as they remain eligible. For further questions, please refer to R477-6-4


As a resource to all employees the following policies are available: DHRM Rules Employee Guide to Finance Policy and Procedure Equal Employment Opportunity Plan Furlough FAQs Social Media Guidelines for Employees

Other Useful Policy Resources

Utah Department of Human Resource Management is governed by Utah State Code as well as Administrative Rules.  To find out more visit the links below: Utah Code Utah Department of Administrative Services

Furlough FAQs

A. Working during the Furlough: 1. Can an agency require a furloughed employee to work a part-time schedule if a portion of their position is not federally funded?  An agency can work a furloughed employee part-time however; agencies should avoid any action that would supplant state funds with federal funds. Since working employees part-time will have a budgetary impact, agency management will need to evaluate each furloughed employee on a case by case basis. 2. Are state employees allowed to work another job outside of the state while on furlough? Yes, the same conflict of interest rules ...

Employee Guide to Finance Policy and Procedures

Can I Adjust my Work Schedule to Fit my Needs? Employee’s work schedules are set by supervisors or managers. Any changes to meet employee’s or employer’s needs need to be approved by supervisors or managers prior to becoming effective. Supervisors or managers may approve a flexible starting and ending time for an employee as long as scheduling is consistent with the overtime provisions. Employees are entitled to a 15 minute compensated break period for every four hours worked. Break periods may not be accumulated to accommodate a shorter work day or a longer lunch ...

Social Media Guidelines for Employees

The information below was written by the Department of Technology Services and can be accessed from their web site DTS Utah Technical Standards and Architecture. View the online version of the State of Utah Social Media Guidelines, 4300-0029, October 12, 2009. Introduction Social media is content created by people using highly accessible Internet based publishing technologies. Social media software tools allow groups to generate content and engage in peer-to-peer conversations and exchange of content (examples are Blogger, Twitter, Wikispaces, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, etc.) The ...

Department of Human Resource Management Rules

Department of Human Resource Management Rules are available for review on this page.  DHRM Rules are in effect for a period of one year and are updated on yearly July 1st.  You may view both current and historical versions on this page. 2016 DHRM Rules Go to the Rules website Table of Contents effective Feb 17, 2017 DHRM Rules PDF Historical Versions 2016 appendices below Annual, Holiday, and Sick Leave Accrual Table Position Schedules Benefit Eligibility Table  Veterans Preference Calculation Employment Discrimination Protection Employee Benefits During Leave of ...

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