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Category: Payroll FAQs

Salary Increase or Decrease Calculator

Use this calculator to determine a percentage increase or decrease in your current salary rate: Salary Increase Decrease Calculator

Tax Withholding

Employees must designate the number of withholding allowances they wish to claim on their paycheck.  To update, increase or change the number of exemptions you have two options: Log into the Employee Self Serve (ESS) System and look for the Personal Information section, select the W-4 Tax Withholding option.  You will then see a table that displays your current selection, below the table you should see two options:  Change or Display – to update your current amount, select Change and and you are able to change your filing status as well as the number of exemptions.  Be sure to ...

On-Call Calculator

Calculating On-Call Time On-call pay is calculated at a rate of one hour for every 12 hours that an employee is on-call (maximum of 24 hours), rounded to the nearest two decimal points. If an employee works during the on-call period, then the hours that the employee works is deducted from the on-call hours for which the employee is on-call. Therefore, the following formula should be used to determine on-call. On-Call Formula: (# of Hours in the On-Call Period – # of Hours Worked in the On-Call Period) ⁄ (12) On-Call Example: David is scheduled to be on-call for 24 hours on a Saturday from ...

Payroll Questions & Contact Information

The Employee Resource Information Center (ERIC) processes payroll for most state agencies except for: Utah Department of Transportation Utah Department of Public Safety Utah Department of Natural Resources Utah Division of Technology Services. ERIC can assist you with:  Question Contact Information General Pay Questions (801) 957-9390 (ERIC) or AskHR on the Gateway Time Sheet Submission or changes after entry screens have closed Employee Self Serve System (ESS) AskHR to submit an electronic or scanned copy Fax: 385-465-6054 Assistance with accessing ESS information (801) ...

Wage Types for Time Entry

Wage Types are the codes used by the payroll system to reimburse or pay employees for payroll items other than hours worked or leave types.  The codes cannot by entered by employees in the Employee Self Serve system, only by payroll staff responsible for processing your payroll.  To better assist you in determining what you have been paid or reimbursed for, the codes are: Wage Type Wage Type Description 1121 Property Rent 1124 #Clothing Allowanc 1125 #State Car Commute 1128 #Award Cash Equivalent 1131 Hazard Duty Pay 1133 Meeting Pay 1135 Service Award 1139 Incentive ...

Understanding FLSA Exempt vs. FLSA Non-Exempt

Understanding Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Jobs The terms “exempt” and “non-exempt” are defined under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). FLSA is a federal law that establishes a minimum wage and limits the number of hours that may be worked in a standard work week. It provides standards for equal pay, overtime pay, record keeping, and child labor.   Useful Resource: Exemption for Executive, Administrative, Professional and Computer Employees Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Payroll Leave Codes

This information is designed for use by supervisors who need information about leave codes used for proper time reporting in the state’s payroll system. These codes are the same whether time is entered and approved through ESS, paper timesheets, Changepoint or AiM. Proper understanding by supervisors of the different leave codes helps state agencies comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and ensures effective use of payroll expenditures. Please take the time to make sure you understand what you are looking at when you see leave codes and learn what you should do when you see ...

Viewing and Correcting Previous Pay Periods

Previous Pay Period Directions Log into your ESS. Click on the PAYROLL tab, found in the upper right corner. You will see the headers WORKING TIME, PAYMENTS, and PERSONAL INFORMATION. Click on WORKING TIME header. Then, click on REVIEW TIME SHEET link, located under the WORKING TIME header. Use the blue arrows to scroll through time entry. Submit a time sheet for a previous pay period If you need to submit time for a previous pay period, please follow these 3 steps:   Fill out a blank time sheet for that pay period. Please include all the hours that need to be changed as well as the ...

Payroll FAQs

Gateway-Payroll FAQ/Commonly asked AskHR cases Useful Websites State Finance: ESS FAQ: Employee Gateway: Q. When is the deadline to enter time in ESS? A. On a normal non-holiday payroll, employees have until Monday 11:59pm to enter their time. The system will be closed for employees to make any changes from Tuesday 12:00am and any corrections should be sent to by their supervisors. On a holiday payroll, an email will be sent out from ERICpayroll beforehand informing the deadline ...

Payroll Info Graphic

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