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Category: Employment Forms

Abusive Conduct Intake Form

To file a complaint of Abusive Conduct, a completed copy of this form must be sent to: Division of Human Resource Management Administrative Office, 4315 S 2700 W, Suite 2100, Salt Lake City, Utah 84184. FAX: 801-538-3081 Email: phone: 801-618-6720 Abusive Conduct Intake FormDownload

Schedule A Agreement

Career Service Exempt Conversion Election Agreement & Acknowledgement Career Service Exempt Appointments  Schedule Exempt Conversion

Classification Position Analysis Form – PAF

All information on the Position Analysis Form (PAF)  should be completed by the incumbent and/or supervisor to reflect the tasks currently assigned to the position.  Please refer to the Classification Review Request (CRR-3) form to initiate a request for a preliminary classification review of an incumbent filled position(s). Position Analysis Form  Google Doc

Conflict of Interest Form

DHRM Rules R477-9-2 and R477-9-3 require that employment with the state be the principal vocation for full-time employees. A state employee may only engage in outside employment or receive honoraria or paid expenses for activities outside of state employment when the employment or activities do not: a. Interfere with the employee’s efficient job performance. b. Conflict with the interests of the agency or the State of Utah. c. Give reason for criticism or suspicion of conflicting interests or duties. An employee must notify agency management in writing if outside employment or paid ...

Position Classification Grievance Form

Complete this form to notify the Division of Human Resource Management you do not agree with a Classification decision. Position classification Grievance Form 7/21

Classification Review Request CRR-3

This form is for use by supervisors/managers when requesting an incumbent filled position classification review.  The information provided on this form will determine whether or not there is sufficient change to proceed with and justify a formal classification review. Classification Review Request CRR-3 Google Doc

Classification Review Request CRR-2 – Position Change Request

This form is for use by supervisors/managers when requesting a position schedule change, create a new position, reclassify a vacant position, or abolish a position.  The information provided will determine whether or not there is sufficient justification for requested change. In addition, you should review any applicable job descriptions. Classification Review Request CRR-2 Google Doc

URS Statement of Ineligibility

Utah Retirement Systems (URS) requires we notify a new employee they are not eligible for a retirement contribution made on their behalf by the state but that they can still opt to contribute to a 401k plan on their own.  Employee must select whether they would like to contribute or not and sign this form to be submitted to URS. URS Certification of Ineligibility

I9 Form

This form must be completed by ALL new hires no later than the first day of employment and Section 2 of this form along with copies of the documents must be submitted to the Employee Resource Information Center.  By Federal regulations, we must E-Verify within 3 days of hire. I9 Form

Overtime Agreement for Officers

Complete this form to select your overtime compensation pay if you are an FLSA non-exempt Public Safety Officer, Correctional Officer or Fire Protection Employee only. Overtime-agreement-for-officers

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