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Category: State News

This category contains general news and hot topics for state employees

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Clear the Air Challenge

The Clear the Air Challenge, issued by business, government and community leaders, is all about improving air quality, reducing traffic congestion and conserving energy in Utah by eliminating unnecessary vehicle trips. Clear air is important to us all, and the Clear the Air Challenge is an excellent opportunity to do something to make a positive impact and be a part of the solution. Take the Challenge and see firsthand what an empowering experience it is to not only make a positive choice, but to quantify your impact.

Tax Topics

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Clean Air Resources

  Keeping emissions down during high inversion months is important to keep our community healthy. However, there are essential habits state employees can adopt to reduce air pollution all year long. As a part of the Governor’s Clean Air Initiative, we are offering resources and information to help you do your part in this coordinated state effort. Clean Air and ReSolutions Quarterly Newsletter State employee UTA Eco-Pass program UTA Rideshare¬† Real time public transit information iphone transit app iRIdeUTA Map your walk Electric car charging stations Biking resources Check ...

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