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Category: Ending Employment

Leave Payout at Separation

When an employee separates from state employment, eligible leave is paid as follows:  Annual / Excess / Comp Leave – An employee will be paid a lump sum for all annual leave and excess hours at their current hourly rate. An FLSA nonexempt employee shall also be paid in a lump sum for all compensatory hours. Converted Sick Leave – An employee separating from state service for reasons other than retirement will be paid in a lump sum at their current hourly rate for all converted sick leave. Sick Leave – Unless retiring, an employee separating from state employment shall ...

Ending State Employment

If you are preparing to leave employment with the State of Utah this information will help guide you through the process whether you are resigning or retiring. Please keep in mind this is a helpful resource provided by Division of Human Resource Management (DHRM), your agency may have additional steps or processes you must follow as well. If you are not retiring from state employment, to learn more about what leave types are eligible for payout at separation, click here. Important note:  Terminating employees will not have access to view pay statements or W2 information in ESS or their state ...

COBRA Insurance

COBRA, The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation ACT, is designed to allow eligible employees and their covered dependents to continue health insurance when employer based coverage is no longer available. COBRA is not available if an employee is terminated for “gross misconduct.” A State of Utah employee who has lost medical coverage is responsible to contact PEHP within 60 days of a qualifying event. Enrollment information will be sent to the employees last known address. For a list of qualifying events and other COBRA information, visit The Department of Labor’s COBRA ...

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