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Category: Certified Public Manager ® Program (CPM)

Organizational Leadership Conference

Early registration is now open for DHRM’s first Organizational Leadership Conference, brought to you by DHRM’s Center for Excellence. View the conference website or click below to access the registration page.  We have a great speaker line up, and a continental breakfast and lunch – all for only $120.00. 

Organizational Leadership Conference

Beginning in Spring 2018, DHRM will offer the Organizational Leadership Conference, which we are designing to be the premiere leadership development event for Utah’s public employees. DHRM will design the conference around the competencies found in the following leadership competency framework (click image for larger version): We will have state leaders and nationally and regionally recognized professional speakers and practitioners address these and related topics.

Utah Certified Public Manager® Program

Course Overview The Utah Certified Public Manager ® Program increases the professional performance of current and future government managers. Certified Public Manager® is a professional designation granted by nationally accredited programs in state and federal governments. The CPM Program increases the capacity of its participants to effectively lead people, manage work processes and develop self mastery. The Utah CPM Program is co-sponsored by the Utah Department of Human Resource Management and the Utah System of Higher Education. What will I learn and accomplish in CPM? When and where ...

Utah Certified Public Manager® Module Descriptions and Performance Outcomes

Our nationally accredited curriculum helps managers in the public sector develop knowledge and practical experience in leading people, managing work processes and developing professional self-mastery. Three courses comprised of a total of eighteen modules cover the essential knowledge and skills for positive and progressive public leadership.  Click below for a complete list of courses, modules and performance outcomes. CPM Descriptions – Performance Outcomes

2009 Program Curriculum

Although program curriculum was changed in 2014, many students who are still completing CPM course work will have taken their training under the 2009 curriculum model. The 2009 Module Descriptions, 2009 Performance Outcomes, and 2009 CPM Program Changes and Implementation documents illustrate the curriculum and policies in place until January 2014.

Annual Report

The National Certified Public Manager®  Consortium requires each accredited and active program submit an annual report for the preceding calendar year.

Program Brochures

Two types of CPM marketing brochures are available for distribution: a standard format tri-fold brochure and a two sided single page format.

CPM Instructors

UCPM instructors must meet specific requirements which are outlined in the CPM Policies and Procedures. Instructors are experienced practitioners with public sector experience who understand an adult learner’s need for experiential learning and practical application.  By utilizing individual contractors as well as university instructors, UCPM is able to provide a diverse learning experience for the students. Instructors are assigned to teach by module rather than course.  This allows instructors to be assigned by specific areas of forté.  Brief introductions of our current ...

Certified Public Manager® Associations and Organizations

CPM students are supported both pre- and post- graduation by organizations that assure the highest standards of accreditation for each program and provide graduates with local and nationwide networks of fellow CPMs. See more information regarding the National Certified Public Managers® Consortium, the American Academy of Certified Public Managers® , and the Utah Society of Certified Public Managers®.

CPM Competency Descriptions

National Certified Public Manager® Consortium Bylaws direct all CPM programs to address core competencies which are identified in this document. CPM Competencies

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