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Frequently Asked Questions About Filing a Short Term Disability Claim

The following questions and answers will help you file a Short Term Disability (STD) claim with Standard Insurance Company (The Standard). The steps outlined below will enable you to access our efficient claims services quickly and easily. When should I report a Short Term Disability (STD) claim? Report a claim as soon as you believe you will be absence from work beyond 7 or 30 calendar days, depending on the benefit waiting period you elected. If you are uncertain about how long you will be absent or whether you should file a claim or not we suggest that you proceed with filing a claim. ...

Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary benefit options are offered to state employees who choose to participate in the plans or options available.  Most of the voluntary benefits offer payroll deduction if there is a premium associated with the plan. Voluntary Benefit Options:  Home & Auto Insurance Hyatt Legal Plans The Standard (STDI) – Voluntary Short Term Disability Insurance Utah Education Savings Plan® (UESP)

The Standard (STDI) – Voluntary Short Term Disability Insurance

Short Term Disability Insurance (STDI) Updated April 2017 For information regarding filing a Short Term Disability claim please click here. What is Short Term Disability Insurance? Short term disability (STD) insurance pays a benefit in the event you cannot work because of a covered non – occupational illness or injury. (EXCLUDING on – the – job injuries, which are covered by workers compensation insurance). STDI replaces a portion of your weekly income, providing funds directly to you to help pay your bills and living expenses. Who is eligible to enroll in the Short Term ...

Utah Education Savings Plan® (UESP)

The Utah Educational Savings Plan® is a tax advantaged program to save for higher education.  Employees wished to participate in this program are encouraged to visit the plan’s website for full details about this program. Useful Resources: Utah Educational Savings Plan 

Home & Auto Insurance

Currently there are two insurance companies that offer discounts and payroll deduction to state employees on home and auto insurance.  For further details about coverage options and premiums please contact them directly: Liberty Mutual Auto and Home Local office number for areas west of I-15:                    801-685-0515. Local office number for areas east of I-15:                    801-253-3958. Metlife Auto & Home

Details About Hyatt Legal

Finding an affordable lawyer to represent you for consumer protection matters or even to prepare your will can be a challenge. And now there’s an easy, affordable solution —— the Group Legal Plan, administered by Hyatt Legal Plans. You, your spouse, and dependents can have access to a lawyer at a price that won’t break your budget. Now you have a resource at your fingertips for important, everyday legal services. What’s more, you’ll also have someone to turn to for unexpected legal matters. With the Group Legal Plan, you can receive legal representation or advice for a wide ...

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