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Uncompensated Overtime – Worklife Elevated Article

  Uncompensated Overtime Claim Form For additional articles featured in Worklife Elevated, the state employee newsletter visit:

Targeting Your Retirement Income

New Target Date Funds can enhance your retirement income and improve your retirement outcome.  Click here to read more about this!

The URS Viewpoint Newsletter

Utah Retirement Systems publishes a quarterly newsletter for all active members of Utah Retirement Systems.  This is the most recent edition: URS Viewpoint Spring 2016 For past editions and other archived publications please visit the URS Publications Archive.

2015-16 Salary and Benefits Update

 Salary Update As the fiscal year draws to a close, you may be wondering what changes in salary and benefits to expect.  Under H.B. 8 State Agency and Higher Education Compensation Appropriations the Legislature provided funding for the following salary increases: 2.25%  General Increase and Funding to address agency “Hot-Spot” jobs and Market Comparability Adjustments (MCA) The Legislative and Judicial branches as well as certain elected office agencies within the Executive Branch received 3% funding for salary adjustments that will be administered according to the individual ...

Retirement Resources for State Employees

The Employee Resource Information Center (ERIC) processes all retirements for state employees, with the exception of Department of Transportation employees. An ERIC retirement specialist can provide one estimate per year for an employee contemplating retirement because there are many variables that impact retirement scenarios that can change from year to year. If you are interested in retiring you will need to make three phone calls preferably three months prior to your selected retirement date to ensure proper processing: The Employee Resource Information Center (ERIC) at 801-538-3742 to ...

Are you leaving money on the table?

If you are not contributing to a 401(k), you are leaving free money on the table!  Act now to take advantage of the free money available to you in the new 401(k) matching program. If you are already contributing to a URS 401(k) plan, you have been receiving the State match since January 4, 2014.

Long Term Disability (LTD)

Long Term Disability (LTD) is a safety net designed to replace your income should you become disabled and are unable to work. This benefit is paid in full by your employer. Read the Public_Employee LTD Brochure for an overview of the LTD benefit or visit PEHP’s LTD page where once logged into the site, more information can be found. While on LTD you may be eligible for a medical coverage stipend. Click here for more information about LTD benefits. If you have questions about your current LTD claim, please contact your assigned PEHP LTD Specialist. To start an LTD claim, please contact ...

Frequently Asked Questions About Filing a Short Term Disability Claim

The following questions and answers will help you file a Short Term Disability (STD) claim with Standard Insurance Company (The Standard). The steps outlined below will enable you to access our efficient claims services quickly and easily. When should I report a Short Term Disability (STD) claim? Report a claim as soon as you believe you will be absence from work beyond 7 or 30 calendar days, depending on the benefit waiting period you elected. If you are uncertain about how long you will be absent or whether you should file a claim or not we suggest that you proceed with filing a claim. ...

Access URS Website

Employees may access the Utah Retirement Systems (URS) Website to view information related to retirement accounts, update beneficiary information, make changes to contributions and update your personal information.  To visit the site: Access URS Website Now

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