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Employee Gateway Salary and Benefits tab featured news

Need Financial Advice? URS can help.

We all need a little help with our investments and retirement planning from time to time.  As a URS member, you get access to professional URS Investment Advisors at no charge.  To register for a counseling session, log into your myURS account and click on the Educating tab to get customized advice about your retirement planning. Useful Resource: Financial Advice Brochure

H.B. 38: The 401(k) Match & Sick Leave

Supplemental Savings Plan (HB 38) All employees are encouraged to attend the upcoming benefit fairs, watch for newsletter and email updates and to visit the Employee Gateway regularly for the most current information. With the passage of HB 38 this allows an qualified state employee to make the matching deposit into a deemed IRA, 457, or 401(k) URS retirement savings plan and still qualify for the employee matching deposit under the state employee matching benefit. Please see FAQ’s under Retirement in the Benefits and Salary tab.

Uncompensated Overtime – Worklife Elevated Article

  Uncompensated Overtime Claim Form For additional articles featured in Worklife Elevated, the state employee newsletter visit:

Targeting Your Retirement Income

New Target Date Funds can enhance your retirement income and improve your retirement outcome.  Click here to read more about this!

The URS Viewpoint Newsletter

Utah Retirement Systems publishes a quarterly newsletter for all active members of Utah Retirement Systems.  This is the most recent edition: URS Viewpoint Spring 2016 For past editions and other archived publications please visit the URS Publications Archive.

Are you leaving money on the table?

If you are not contributing to a 401(k), you are leaving free money on the table!  Act now to take advantage of the free money available to you in the new 401(k) matching program. If you are already contributing to a URS 401(k) plan, you have been receiving the State match since January 4, 2014.

401(k) Match & Program III Sick Leave FAQs

Employee State Benefits Amendments H.B. 194:  The 401(k) Match and Program III Sick Leave 2014 Session – H.B. 194: Creates a “New” 401(k) matching benefit effective January 4, 2014 Ends the accrual of sick leave as a post-retirement medical (PRM) benefit (program III) 2015 Session – H.B. 38: Allows a state employee to make the matching deposit into a deemed IRA, 457 or 401(k) URS savings plan effective May 12, 2015. 401(k) Match Program FAQ’s 1. How do I know if I am eligible for the 401(k) match? Generally, you are eligible if you are already receiving retirement ...

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