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Sick Leave FAQs

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Q.At what rate do I accrue sick leave?

A. Eligible employees accrue 4 hours of sick leave each pay period. Sick leave accrues based on the number of hours paid in the pay period and accrues at a maximum of four hours per pay period for all eligible employees regardless of their years of service.

Q.When can I start using sick leave?

A. Once sick leave is accrued as part of their leave balances (typically after the first two week pay cycle), the employee may begin using the accrued sick leave.

Q.Can I use sick leave for reasons other than my own illness?

A. Yes. Agency management may grant sick leave for preventive health and dental care, maternity, paternity, and adoption care, or for absence from duty because of illness, injury or disability of a spouse, children, or parents. You may also use it for any FMLA qualifying reason.

Q.What is the maximum amount of sick leave I can carry over into a following year?

A. There is no maximum limit. You may carry over any amount of sick leave you accrue throughout your employment with the State.

Q.Will my sick leave hours be paid out when I leave my employment with the State of Utah?

A. Employees leaving their employment from the State will not receive compensation for accrued unused sick leave. For those retiring from state government, unused accumulated sick leave hours in Program I sick leave (accrued prior to January 1, 2006) and Program II sick leave (accrued between January 1, 2006, and January 3, 2014) may provide significant benefits. Sick leave hours accrued beginning January 4, 2014 have no value at retirement and are treated the same as when an employee terminates employment. See the Frequently Asked Questions on Retirement or refer to DHRM Rules R477-7(6) for information on sick leave as it relates to retirement.

Q.If I am on FMLA, can I choose not to be paid rather than use my sick leave?

A. Yes, you may take Leave Without Pay (LWOP) rather than use sick leave, but you would be responsible to pay for your portion of the benefit premiums. The state continues to pay its share of costs related to health care benefits during your period of FMLA leave. The employee must continue to pay for their share of the costs for their health care benefits by contacting PEHP directly. Please refer to the Employee Gateway and search “FMLA” for further information.

Q. Am I required to notify anyone when I need to use sick leave?

A. Yes. Employees are required to contact management prior to the beginning of their scheduled workday the employee is absent due to illness or injury.

Q. How many days can I be absent from work before I need a doctor’s note?

A. An absence that exceeds three successive working days shall be supported by administratively acceptable evidence. A manager may require an employee to provide administratively acceptable evidence if there is reason to believe an employee is using sick leave for reasons not covered by the sick leave rule.

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