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Retirement Plans for State Employees

Retirement ImageOne of many benefits of working for the state is the Retirement benefits offered to eligible state employees.  Understanding and knowing your retirement benefit options is helpful in planning for your future after you have retired from a career with the State of Utah.

To help you understand and explore your benefits it’s important to know which system you belong to, if you are unsure or do not know please contact the Employee Resource Information Center to find out by calling 801-538-3742.

Online Access:

2018 Seminar Schedule:

Retirement Savings Plans and Systems: 

If you are interested in retiring you will need to make three phone calls preferably three months prior to your selected retirement date to ensure proper processing:

  1. The Employee Resource Information Center (ERIC) at 801-538-3742 to request a retirement estimate (One estimate per year only please due to varying factors)
  2. Then Utah Retirement Systems at 801-366-7770 to schedule an appointment to discuss your monthly retirement check and eligibility.
  3. Finally, to coordinate your post retirement medical benefit options.  If your last name starts with A-G – Chrystal at 801 366-7575, H-O – Kory at 801 366-7588, or  P-Z – Jessica at 801 366-7730
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